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1. Overhead Line
(1) In order to prevent the break down bar on the poles to strengthen the maintenance, not to dig near the telephone poles and at the poles tied to livestock.
(2) The overhead wires across the navigable rivers, highways hours, should be retrofitted with warning, causing the passage of vehicles, ships safety.
(3) overhead lines across the roof of the burning material should be made of the built structures.
(4) overhead line and the CPI goods warehouse, flammable flammable liquid storage tanks, fuel combustion-supporting gas tank, flammable materials, such as fire yard pitch and should not be less than 1.5 times the pole height; and dissemination of A combustible gas production plants of the fire spacing, should not be a small dry 30 meters.
(5) overhead lines, side lines and find the distance between the buildings, look between the lines and trees, vertical, clearance distance, overhead distribution lines of the wire and the distance between the conductors must comply with the relevant safety requirements.
(6) Ping hours on the trees near electrical lines and the hours should be trimmed in order to maintain adequate safe distance to prevent an accident caused by tree branches tapping wires.
2. Inside the house wiring
(1) design and installation of flat-line hours, the use of electrical equipment according to the environmental characteristics, correct choice of wire type.
(2) for surface insulated wire insulation to prevent damage to a dangerous condition, use the process to carry out regular checks. Maintenance.
(3) wiring hours, wires and the wires between the wire between the fixed point to maintain an appropriate distance.
(4) To prevent mechanical damage, insulated wire through the wall or combustible building elements hours, should be through the puzzle of insulation in the walls of the tube, each root canal should wear a wire, insulation tube (ceramic tube) at both ends of the mouth out of the wall outlet the distance should not less than 10 mm, so that to prevent wire contact with the walls, damp walls to avoid leakage arising from such phenomena.
(5) along the chimney, flue and so on the surface of the laying of wire heating elements should be used in order to asbestos hours. Glass. Porcelain beads. Porcelain pipe insulation resistance as a hotline.
(6) qualified units in the electrical wiring inside the house to set hours, should maximize the use of flame retardant wire and metal casing or plastic casing.    
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