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May 15, 2009 Electric Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou party ushered in the ISO 9000 quality management system certification and the national compulsory CCC certification pairs of items of inspection work, and successfully passed the ISO 9000 quality management system certification and the national compulsory CCC certification of all entry inspection, the targets of our company are in line with ISO 9000 quality management system certification and the national compulsory CCC certification requirements, once again got a big harvest.
The solar calendar year, at 8:30 on May 15, ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certification is responsible for certification of the company's three team members, led by a teacher during the week of my company review the various department heads prior to the meeting sessions. Weeks the teachers in this year's ISO 9000 quality management system certification serious, precise 10-minute set, and the focus for the review links and key sectors of the key projects was stressed, and with the various departments who were primarily responsible for understanding and Talking about the various departments of the week and the arrival of the teacher group working on the guidance of our company expressed his gratitude for the audit work will actively cooperate with the place, and in the process be properly audited to weeks teams of teachers to learn. 9:50, the national compulsory CCC certification team also came to my company certified the department heads prior to the meeting sessions, more emphasis on the state's compulsory CCC certified products, attention and strengthened compulsory CCC certification the monitoring of products and links to reduce the compulsory CCC authentication products to the potential safety hazards, requires that we must strictly control the quality, take seriously the mandatory CCC certification of products work.
Meeting of heads of various departments after the end of the session, I would actively cooperate with the company's various departments of the two audit team work of various departments of various departments are on standby, always pending disposal of the inspection team. Our team of departmental officers, two pairs of items at the same time the arrival of the inspection with confidence, we are all gearing up, filled with energy, everyone is serious about really put the inspection team will need to check documents, data, and the records are ready, put Well, a messenger quickly to hear the response, a great saving of time and tedious examination content, improve the efficiency and quality of the inspection.
17:10, 2 divisions is almost complete audit work together to assemble the various departments responsible for the review after the session, two inspection teams are all the work my company has made a tremendous affirmation of the future to be more complete the requirements of these two audits, and asked us to make further effort, on the basis of the adoption of a more on a new level.
 The two inspections on the same day of our visit is the first since the company's plant, but also in the global economic downturn, our company three months again received 42 orders for the brilliant performance of 80 million yuan a beautiful situation, but also created a new glory.
Zhengzhou Electric Co., one of the standards five major record companies
Zhengzhou Electric Co., the continuous development of the party today, our company to establish national standards for many times outside the enterprise standards, and constantly develop new products replacing old ones, in the wire and cable industry gradually enhanced the strength of our company, step by step to the product diversification , rich in the direction of development, and has been a staunch own goals ---- a competitive advantage to the industry leading line. June 12, 2009 the Department of technical quality in our company under the joint efforts of the five companies in one fell swoop through the standard once again for the record, for my company's development adding new tiles.
The five enterprise standards are as follows:
Electric Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou one standard Q / ZYD 001-2009 and below rated voltage 1kV steel core aluminum twisted conductor overhead insulated cable;
Electric Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou one standard Q / ZYD 002-2009 rated voltage 10kV overhead conductor steel core aluminum twisted insulated cables;
Electric Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou one standard Q / ZYD 003-2009 and below rated voltage 8.7/15kV squeeze packages XLPE insulated power cable frequency variable device-specific;
Electric Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou one standard Q / ZYD 004-2009 and below rated voltage 0.6/1kV rubber sheathed PVC insulated aerial cables;
Electric Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou one standard Q / ZYD 005-2009 rated voltage 1kV and below the parallel cluster overhead insulated cables.
    The five criteria for the record companies passed, our addition of a new product family members, product, there has been a new development space in the development of enterprises, there has been a new competitive strength, is easy to see from a few points: our products, our strength, our company also continued to grow step by step, and continuously from one performance to another better results from one into another, more brilliant and splendid glory.    
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